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GLOBAL FUTURE OF SUSTAINABLE FINANCE: GenAI and Operational Resilience Summit 

Date: 19th of February 2025

Location: Dubai, the UAE

About the event

Welcome to the Global Future of Sustainable Finance: GenAI and Operational Resilience Summit

Join us at this business gathering of industry leaders from the Financial and Banking sectors. The Global Future of Sustainable Finance Summit is your unique platform to share insights, discuss emerging trends, and explore innovative solutions within the dynamic landscape of finance and fintech.

This exclusive event brings together industry leaders, visionaries, and experts to delve into the future landscape of sustainable finance.


The Future of Sustainable Finance Summit in Dubai is set to be an immersive experience, offering unparalleled insights into the evolving role of artificial intelligence (AI) and operational resilience in shaping the financial sector. As sustainability takes center stage in global conversations, understanding how AI can drive innovation while maintaining operational integrity is essential for businesses and investors alike.

Why Attend

  • Gain insights from renowned experts and thought leaders at the forefront of sustainable finance and AI innovation.

  • Network with industry peers, fostering valuable connections and partnerships for future collaborations.

  • Explore actionable strategies and best practices to drive sustainability and resilience in financial operations.

  • Position yourself and your organization at the forefront of the evolving landscape of finance and technology.

  • Connect with industry peers, thought leaders, and innovators, fostering collaboration and forging partnerships to drive sustainable finance initiatives forward.

Don't miss this opportunity to be part of the future of sustainable finance and operational resilience. Join us in Dubai and lead the way in shaping the financial world of tomorrow.


GenAI in Finance: Discover how AI-driven technologies are revolutionizing financial services, from predictive analytics to automated trading strategies. Explore the ethical considerations and opportunities they present.
Operational Resilience: Gain actionable strategies for building resilience in financial operations, navigating regulatory landscapes, and mitigating risks in an ever-changing environment.

Big Data and Analytics: Harness the power of big data for enhanced decision-making and operational efficiency.

Alternative Financing: Explore new financing models that are reshaping the financial landscape.

Governance and ESG Investing: Dive into the evolving landscape of ESG considerations and impact investing, driving positive change in finance.

Fintech Innovations in Payments: Stay ahead with the latest innovations transforming payment systems.

Advancement of Neobanks and Digital Banking: Learn about the rise and impact of neobanks and digital banking solutions.

Hybrid Cloud Technology: Discover how hybrid cloud solutions are optimizing financial operations.

Evolution of Cybersecurity and Cyber Resilience: Ensure your organization is protected with the latest advancements in cybersecurity.

Integration of Robotics in FinTech: Explore the role of robotics in enhancing fintech services.

Sustainable Investment: Understand the importance and impact of sustainable finance practices.

AI-powered Data Intelligence: Leverage AI-powered insights to drive strategic decision-making.

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