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2nd Annual IT-OT Convergence and Intelligent Manufacturing Event

Date: 14th of March 2024
Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

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About the event

Welcome to the 2nd Annual IT-OT Convergence and Intelligent Manufacturing Event in Gothenburg, Sweden this year.

The one-day conference is designed for industry leaders, professionals, and experts to explore the latest developments in Industry 4.0 and how they are revolutionizing the manufacturing sector. The event will bring together key players from the IT and operational technology (OT) domains to discuss the converging trends in manufacturing and the impact they are having on the industry.

One of the main focuses of the event will be the role of IT and OT convergence in driving the growth and competitiveness of modern manufacturing. The conference will highlight innovative solutions and best practices for connecting IT systems with OT systems to improve efficiency, reduce downtime, and increase production yields.

In addition to IT-OT convergence, the event will also delve into the exciting world of edge computing in smart manufacturing. With the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), edge computing is becoming increasingly critical for enabling real-time business insights and decision-making in manufacturing environments. Experts will share their experiences and lessons learned on how edge computing is being used to power new business models, improve operational efficiency, and create new revenue streams.

The 2nd Annual IT-OT Convergence and Intelligent Manufacturing Event will take place on 14th of March 2024 in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Register today and join us for this exciting opportunity to learn, network, and shape the future of manufacturing.

Mark your calendars now and join us in Gothenburg this year to explore the latest developments in Industry 4.0 and the role of IT-OT convergence and edge computing in driving the growth and competitiveness of modern manufacturing.


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Address: Adolf Edelsvärds gata 1041451 Gothenburg , Sweden

Getting to the hotel

By tram, bus or boat:

By tramline 3 or 9 you can get to the Vagnhallen Majorna stop. By bus you should take line 20 or 90 to the Klippan stop. If you choose to ride a boat, the boat goes to Klippan's ferry slip.

From Gothebburg Landvetter Airport:

From Landvetter Airport, the airport bus takes only around 30 minutes to arrive at the Nils Ericsson terminal (Gothenburg C).


We recommend Taxi Göteborg +46 31 65 00 00

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•Converging IT and OT to turbocharge business operations 

• Enabling real-time business insights with edge computing 

• Implementing an edge-based IoT hub systems and strategies 

• The impact of cloud technology in IIoT-based industrial automation 

• The importance of transforming IT/OT operating model to tackle convergence challenges 

• Key considerations for real-time data management in manufacturing 

• Converging the IT/OT operating model with 5 main elements 

• How is IT/OT convergence transforming smart manufacturing? 

• Embracing data and data analytics 

• Benefits of digital manufacturing and IT/OT convergence 

• Merging old and new technologies 

• Maximizing uptime: eliminating unplanned downtime through predictive maintenance 

• The rise of IT/OT convergence in Industry 4.0

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