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Global Data Governance and Real World
Data Science

for the Pharmaceutical and Life Science sectors

Even if the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the need for cross-company collaboration, most organisations are taking prudent steps necessary to protect their data. Therefore, data privacy and data governance are more vital than ever. With a proper data management and effective governance are good ways to protect secure information and maintain compliance with all industry laws and regulations.

Duminart Events is excited to announce the Data Governance and Real World Data Science Event, which will be held in London, United Kingdom on 9th -10th, 2023. This conference will serve as a business networking and experience sharing platform, and will bring together top data managers, data governance experts, data scientists, researchers, innovators, start-ups and entrepreneurs from life sciences, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, etc. worldwide.

The main purpose of this event is to understand applicable security and privacy regulations, to ensure data integrity, data security and data privacy within the Leveraging a data for a high-touch, innovative patient engagement strategies.


Key Topics:

  • Establishing effective strategies in Real-World Evidence for better patient outcomes

  • Developing a data strategy and organisational capability to engage in external partnerships

  • Current updates on data privacy laws and aspects

  • Discovering new trends of multi-omics: fusion of technology and biology

  • Leveraging a data for a high-touch, innovative patient engagement strategy

  • Understanding the strategic need for data and analytics

  • Advancing organisational Real World Evidence for a competitive advantage

  • The evolution and revolution of Real World Evidence (RWE)

  • Maximising clinical trial design and implementation

  • What is the role of Real World Evidence (RWE)/Real World Data (RWD) in clinical developments

  • Expanding the use of real-world evidence


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